For the latest work in which I’m involved, check out the Oregon Climate media page.


“Thorndike’s medical problem made her realize the importance of finding the root cause of an issue before taking action. For example, rather than protesting in general about climate change, Thorndike recommends the targeted approach of Oregon Climate ( and the 100-chapter Citizens Climate Lobby ( Both groups are taking aim at carbon emissions, a major contributor to climate change. Oregon Climate is campaigning for passage of a carbon tax in Oregon in 2015, as a financial incentive to lower emissions.”   – The Portland Tribune, “The making of a climate change activist” (March 13, 2014)



The Case for a Carbon Price in Oregon

My work with Oregon Climate–a “young and increasingly influential organization”–was shared internationally on May 15th, 2014 by Climate Access, a global network of climate and clean energy communicators.

Our first (and completely off-the-cuff) COAL introduction to the Brea UCC in the OC 



Medford Mail Tribune – Celebrating Earth Day: An Intergenerational Guide to the Future

“One of us is a scientist, the next a young climate activist, and the third the former Siuslaw National Forest supervisor and Evangelical Environmental Network board member. What do we share in common?” – (Op-ed, April 20, 2014)

The 2013 Citizens Climate Lobby annual conference in Washington, D.C.

“To be complacent about [democracy] functioning or not ensures that it doesn’t,” says Camila Thorndike, one of our volunteers in southern Oregon. “Even if it doesn’t work – which, we can’t stake our work on anyway – I think it’s morally right, it’s emotionally satisfying, it gives meaning to these crazy times in our lives which feel very small.” – Climate Access, “Building the Climate Cavalry” by Erica Flock (July 24, 2013)


Migrating the salmon to Salem for a price on carbon


A radio interview as a Sitka Fellow, summer of 2012:

Humanities Can Steer Environmental Change


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