We Will Be Proud

My first memories are of these beaches, running after crabs and from sneaker waves. I never imagined I’d be back to keep sand on the shore, fog on the banks, alkalinity in the ocean, and pipelines from the rivers.
Bandon Beach
Last night, Bill and Katy’s Oregon Climate house party in Bandon was packed with folks who’ve been protecting the world for twice my lifetime–one feisty woman was 90! They reminded me….Victory is never assured, but that’s not why we fight.Political feasibility and physical necessity do not magically align–especially now.

There will never be an easier or more important time to risk present loss for future benefit.

So, what would Tom McCall do?

Gratefully standing on hard-earned public land, I challenge this climate changed generation to free our future from the shackles of polls, political profiteers, and cynicism.

We honor the gift of choice–we persuade change, and are open to it. We put in the work. We invite everybody in.

We will be proud of what we leave.


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