Favorites of 2013

Hope you enjoy these 2013 finds as much as I did.


If Your House is On Fire,” in which OSU philosophy professor Kathleen Dean-Moore illuminates the moral root of climate. Page 3 shows who’s the oppressor (hint: not us) and why stories matter for great change.

The Meaning of Death – Stephen Jenkinson” of the Orphan Wisdom School.  His reflections on depression, our culture, and these times of decline are staggeringly deep.  “Grief is the willingness to be claimed by a story bigger than the one you wish for.”

TV: “Bully” – Season 1, Episode 9 of Louis CK’s addictive show of hilarious stand-up and profound social commentary. This episode shows how women are also to blame for male violence.  (No, I haven’t watched Breaking Bad; too scary and I don’t mind admitting it.)


In a couple sittings you will devour The Kentucky Cycle, an epic play by Robert Schenkkan. The story spans 200 years of family dramas revealing  how the legacies of land stewardship, violence, and poverty intertwine.

Thank goodness my friend Lisa recommended to me Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens. Better late than never.

“…In place of honest disputation we are offered platitudes about “healing.” The idea of “unity” is granted privileges over any notion of “division” or, worse, “divisiveness.” I cringe every time I hear denunciations of “the polities of division”–as if politics was not division by definition. Semi-educated people join cults whose whole purpose is to dull the pain of thought, or take medications that claim to abolish anxiety.”

Eulogy: “Are you strong? Remembering Randy Udall” – an inspiring eulogy for the great activist, adventurer, and member of the Udall clan whose scholarship program has so shaped my life.

Parable:  The Sinking Ship, by Daniel Quinn (author of Ishmael). This is why it’s not only OK but eminently rational to prioritize the planet above the noble but never-ending human projects of justice.

Onion Article“Why Are All The Good Guys Always Taken, Gay, Dead, Or Available?”  Seriously.

Graph: Thanks to The Guardian, you can find out: “How hot will it get in my lifetime?

Cookbook: Nom Nom Paleo. Sweet potato fries – so easy and delicious.

Condiment: Coconut aminos, which is like a milder version of soy sauce, but without the unfortunate aspects of soy. Nice brown sweet-salt flavor to put on everything.


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