How to Live with Water: The WMG Way

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Photo by Josh Schachter (

Photo by Josh Schachter (

A Love Letter

How to Live with Water: The WMG Way

Queridos amigos,

In years of dabbling in Western water issues, I haven’t met a worthier organization than the Watershed Management Group. Why the enthusiasm? WMG’s appeal extends far beyond the realm of water geeks. I believe that this organization is positioned at a nexus of social and environmental progress that will propel humanity out of our most dire fixes.

If urbanites – now the global majority – were to more fully participate in natural resource cycles, people would better understand what sustains us and would thus make wiser decisions, individually and together. People would be healthier and our communities more beautiful. This is exactly what WMG is achieving in Tucson and across the world.

Rainwater cisterns, stream meanders, neighborhood curb cuts, recycling wastewater back into the earth one backyard at a time: a few of the ways WMG brings modern life into a more natural alignment. Water systems stewardship shapes civilization, and vice versa. The WMG do-it-yourself approach to improving this relationship is a critical piece of how to thrive in an increasingly complex global puzzle.

The WMG trick is to help us help ourselves. Replacing pavement with native plants lessens the urban heat island effect. Backyard greywater installations and composting toilets replenish aquifers and save energy (since southern Arizona relies on CAP water pumped 300+ miles uphill by coal-fired power, it even curbs climate change!). Helping youth build their own schoolyard gardens fosters in them a sense of place. Collaborating with local artists inspires in us all a value for water… Best yet, the WMG staff, volunteers and neighborhood Co-Op members do it all with contagious commitment and a sense of humor. Please join me to sustain and multiply WMG’s work as a worldwide leader in sustainable community building!

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With gratitude and best wishes for 2013,

Camila Thorndike
Treasurer & Past Chair, WMG Board of Directors

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